Samsung of south florida PRESENTS

we take VISA, AMEX, and all credit cards. WE provide 1 year warranty on parts.

WE fix it right the first time.

1 step.- MAKE A CALL. First is to check model number of your faulty tv and decide to make a call to one of our 24 hr / 7 days a week phone techs. Proceed to explain situation with our rep. Should not take 2 minutes to explain issue and find possible solutions.

2 step.- TROUBLESHOOTING AND ESTIMATE REPAIR. Our PHONE tech will, based on previous symptom background IN OUR DATABASE of your faulty tv, be able to make phone estimate almost 75% of the time. In some cases an appointment will have to be set up to send tech to your place to determine extend of the damage to be able to complete estimate. Price will vary depending on your location.

3step.- REPAIR WORK. Once determine issues with tv a tech will be dispatched to resolve malfunction tv in your home. Parts will be brought in to fix tv on the spot, sometime a second trip wil be required already included in original estimate price given.

The most economical and PROFESIONAL way to TV FIX no matter the brand or technology

EASY WAY to fix tv

 3 step process.